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A Year in Review

It has been the usual intense year in eResearch-land at the University of Melbourne. We gained a few new staff (Jiajie, Jemie, Junchul), lost some outstanding techies (Guido, Rosana, Marcos – to the banking sector, Amazon and NBN respectively) and pushed the boundaries on the tech side as far as they can go. Lots of work in the big data arena, biomedical (as always) and a move into mobile app land thanks to the new blood in the team!

Some statistics for 2015 in no particular order of importance:

  • 2 book chapters;
  • 25 journal papers submitted (6 accepted; 17 awaiting decision, and we can ignore the other 2!!!!) ;o)
  • 25 conference papers submitted (20 accepted/5 awaiting decision);
  • 16 talks;
  • 1 best paper;
  • 1 national award;
  • number of new grants (18) – from $25m behemoths to $20k for an app;
  • total value grants funded involving MeG ($88m);
  • total (confirmed) grant value for UniMelb involving MeG ($8.3m);
  • total (confirmed) grant value for MeG ($2.79m);
  • 3 internships;
  • 67 Masters dissertations successfully supervised to completion – that isn’t a typo, I really did supervise that many!!!
  • 6 new PhD students started (taking the number to 13)
  • 139 Cluster and Cloud Computing students successfully taught with Student Evaluation Score in the “great stuff” realm.

With a bit of luck 2016 will sustain this level of activity and achievement. Onwards and upwards folks!!!!


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