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New Publication

M.A.S. Penno, H. Oakey, P. Augustine, M. Taranto, S.C. Barry, Peter G Colman, M.E. Craig, E.A. Davis, L.C Giles, M. Harris, A. Haynes, K. McGorm, G. Morahan, C. Morbey, W.D. Rawlinson, R.O. Sinnott, G. Soldatos, R.L. Thomson, P.J. Vuillermin, J.M. Wentworth, L.C. Harrison, J.J. Couper, on behalf of the ENDIA Study Group, Changes in pancreatic exocrine function in young at-risk children followed to islet autoimmunity and type-1 diabetes in the ENDIA study, Paediatric Diabetes, May 2020.

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