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New publications

H. Yu, Z. Yang, M. Zhou, H. Liu, R.O. Sinnott, Efficient and Secure Federated Learning with Verifiable Weighted Average Aggregation, accepted for IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, September 2022.

M. Bush, H. Fraser, B.C. Wintle, F. Mody, E. Smith, A. Hanea, E. Gould, V. Hemming, D. G. Hamilton, L. Rumpff, D. P. Wilkinson, R. Pearson, F.S. Thorn, R. Ashton, A. Willcox, C.T. Gray, A. Head, M. Ross, R. Groenewegen, A. Marcoci, A. Vercammen, T. Parker, R. Hoekstra, S. Nakagawa, D.R. Mandel, D. van Ravenzwaaij, M. McBride, R.O. Sinnott, P. Vesk, M. Burgman, F. Fidler, Predicting reliability through structured expert elicitation with the repliCATS (Collaborative Assessments for Trustworthy Science), accepted for PLOS One, September 2022.

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